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3D Metasites by 80.lv Community: Military Base Camp

Check out a new experience added to the 80 Level's cloud streaming service.

This week, we would like to highlight this incredible experience by talented 3D environment and prop artist Robin Kamboj. Explore and wander through this maze-like environment filled with fences and barricades, and watch out for the armed soldiers!

Military Base Camp

Created by Robin Kamboj.

Military Base Camp was inspired by Robin's huge passion for environment art and pushing boundaries through personal projects.The aim was to craft an expansive environment scene rather than chambers, hallways, or cells. Despite extensive browsing through various concepts, nothing ignited inspiration until Robin found this particular concept. The captivating look and feel of the scene served as a catalyst, inspiring the creator to work on it. As the project progressed, he resolved to refine the concept to align more closely with the envisioned aesthetic for the environment.

The process initiated with the placement of basic shapes within Unreal Engine to establish the foundation elements of the scene. This step helped in determining the layout, scale, and flow. Once glad about the layout, the creator adjusted the blockout proportionally to the in-game character before finalizing its shape and proceeding to model major assets. Subsequently, props were textured using Substance Painter, and materials and textures were applied within Unreal Engine. Megascans proved invaluable for integrating foliage and landscape elements. The tools utilized were Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Quixel Mixer.

For the layout, the rule of thirds was employed to effectively guide player focus, chosen over the golden ratio. The direction of lines and strategic placement of assets facilitated effective attention management. Achieving balance within the scene, emphasis is placed on the person positioned to the right, complemented by the heightened saturation emanating from the fire on the left.

“Players immerse in a unique world filled with sensations: chilling atmosphere, excitement, caution, and adrenaline. Armed soldiers, fences, and barricades evoke danger, while the maze-like layout sparks curiosity. Messy props add to the chaos and mystery. Despite isolation, players eagerly explore, each discovery bringing excitement in the cool surroundings.”, stated the artist.

These 3D Metasites are just a glimpse of the incredible content available on the 3D Metasites by 80 Level community platform. Whether you're an artist looking to showcase your work or an enthusiast seeking unique digital adventures, our platform offers a diverse range of interactive worlds to explore.

Stay tuned for new 3D Metasites and keep sending us incredible experiences. Feel free to reach out with questions: cloud-experiences@80.lv

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