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3DCoat 2023 Has Been Released

The update brings improvements to the software's Sketch tool, introduces a new system for multi-level resolution, adds a neat Tree-Leaves generator, and more.

Pilgway has launched 3DCoat 2023, a massive update to their digital modeling, sculpting, unwrapping, and texturing software for creating organic and hard-surface 3D models, ending the program's 2022 line of updates.

Focusing on functionality and performance, the update comes with tons of new features and improvements, including upgrades to the software's Sketch tool, a system for multi-level resolution, a new Tree-Leaves generator and a Power Smooth Paint tool, import and export enhancements, a new Time-lapse Screen-Recording tool, auto UV mapping, and much more.

Here's the list of some of 3DCoat 2023's features:

  • Sketch tool: Enhancements to the Sketch tool make it more robust for quickly creating high-quality hard-surface objects, including better performance and stability. There is also an option to have 3DCoat automatically apply curves over the edges of the newly created object.
  • Multi-level resolution: A new system for a Multi-Resolution workflow has been introduced, which generates and stores both higher and lower levels of SubDivision, enabling the user to sculpt and texture simultaneously, working between the different subdiv levels.
  • Leaves generator: The recently added Trees Generator tool now has the possibility to generate leaves. You can add your own leaf types, sculpt the shape if needed, and export all this as an FBX file.
  • Timelapse recorder: A Time-lapse Screen-Recording tool has been added, which records your work at a specified interval by smoothly moving the camera and then converting it to a video, allowing one to record the process of sculpting by speeding up the process a hundred times and smoothing the camera movement.
  • Painting tools: 3DCoat 2023 introduces the Power Smooth tool to the Paint Workspace. Power Smooth is a robust, valence/density independent, screen-based color smoothing tool. Paint tools were also added into Sculpt room to simplify painting over the surface/voxels.
  • Volumetric painting: The update also brings volumetric painting, a new technology that allows the artist to both sculpt and paint with voxels simultaneously and is compatible with Smart Materials.
  • Auto UV mapping: Each topologically connective object now unwrapped separately in its own, leading to more accurate unwrapping of assembled hard-surface objects. The quality of auto-mapping has also been improved, featuring much fewer islands created, much lower length of seams, and better fitting over the texture.
  • Import and Export enhancements: The Export of meshes in IGES format has been enabled and the Auto-Export toolset has been improved significantly, offering a really powerful and convenient asset creation workflow.
  • And much, much more!

You can find the full list of upgrades and new features by clicking this link. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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