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80 Level Ratings: Great YouTube Channels on VFX in Unity

This time, we've collected 7 channels to make your games look awesome in Unity.

No game is complete without visual effects: 2D, 3D, flashy, or subtle – all of them make a game (or anything, really) eye-catching and impactful. If you want to know what and how VFX does, check out this article about its role in games

Today, we're going to show you 7 useful YouTube channels that will help you handle VFX and make your projects striking. Some of them might seem familiar if you've read our Unity rating.


There's no place like home, or rather the developers' channel. You'll find the most reliable information and tutorials here, sooner than anywhere else. The creators offer an overview of the newest features and show you how all that new stuff works.

Code Monkey

This really prolific professional indie game developer will teach you everything there is in Unity. As a bonus, the artist also regularly makes videos with the top 20 VFX, animations, and models from Unity Asset Store.

Stylized Station

This channel provides really nice-looking stylized VFX tutorials. You might even recognize some elements from a couple of popular games along the way.

Gabriel Aguiar Prod.

Here, you will learn how to work with Unity's VFX and Shader Graphs and, like in the previous channel, see how your favorite games' visual effects could have been made. The artist has also started his journey as an indie developer, so check out his Twitter if you're interested in where all these tutorials can lead you.


An amazing channel with all things Unity, full of tutorials and fantastic tips on how to create games. Unfortunately, the author has left YouTube, but the legacy remains there, so enjoy.

Binary Impact

This small German indie studio will not only show you how to work with VFX but will also provide you with weekly Unity tips. The team is working on the game Beam and regularly posts about the progress. 

Binary Lunar

The channel is run by two developers, who post informative videos about how to work with Unity Shader and VFX Graphs. You might also learn something new about some popular games' effects.

What do you think about the list? Share your favorite channels in the comments and if you're interested in making visual effects, check out our Unreal Engine VFX Rating.

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