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80 Level Ratings: Great YouTube Channels With ZBrush Tutorials

This time, we've found 7 YouTube channels that will help you grasp ZBrush.

If you're interested in 3D modeling, you have heard about ZBrush and seen some awesome works the software can help you make. Today, we're going to show you where to learn how to handle one of the most popular sculpting tools.

Pixologic ZBrush

Traditionally, we're starting with the software's official channel. There, you can find updates, tutorials, webinars, and fantastic projects from talented artists. If you're just starting learning ZBrush, this is the first place you should visit.


The channel is run by Henning Sanden and Morten Jaeger, who are former senior character artists in the film industry, who have worked on Pacific Rim, Alien Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman V Superman, and other projects. On the channel, you will find tips and tricks for working with ZBrush and you'll find out how to create fantastic creatures, among other things.

Michael Pavlovich

The channel provides tutorials for both game and film, concept and development. The short videos will quickly teach you how to work with the software and create amazing projects.


A great channel with tutorials for different levels. You can find both short instructional videos and lengthy courses. Speaking of which, the author also publishes courses on Udemy, so check them out if you like what you see on YouTube.

Gatz 3D

Gatz 3D offers easy step-by-step tutorials on different aspects of ZBrush: from the interface to creating hair, body parts, and armor. Armor is the topic the artist talks about a lot, so if you've ever wanted to make a mighty warrior, it's your chance.


If you're interested in creating models of people, you should definitely visit this channel. It will guide you through the process of making a person from the first sphere to the very end. 

MLW Creative

On this channel, Marcus Whinney creates characters and creatures. Aside from some helpful tutorials, you can find plenty of timelapses here, which might also teach you something new or just inspire you to make your own models. 

We're sure you have your own favorite channels, so feel free to share them in the comments.

Preview image by David Zavala

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