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80 Level Ratings: YouTube Channels on Procedural Workflows in Houdini

To continue celebrating #Nodevember, we collected 7 great YouTube channels that will teach you procedural workflows in Houdini.

Hello everyone! According to my calendar, it is still November, which means we continue celebrating Nodevember, paying our tribute to amazing 3D Artists who use procedural techniques and node-based workflows to accomplish their goals. This time, we collected 7 fantastic YouTube channels filled with great tutorials and educational materials related to procedural workflows in Houdini. Some of these channels are our favorites, while others were recommended by our readers. So, without further ado, let's get started!


Just like in our previous Houdini-related rating, we will begin with the channel that belongs to the creator and developer of Houdini SideFX. This channel contains a myriad of tutorials related to all aspects of Houdini. From VFX to procedural techniques, every Houdini Artist will definitely find something useful here.

Another great thing about the Houdini channel is that tutorials belong to a number of artists, making them unique and irreplaceable. Being an absolute treasury of Houdini-related knowledge, this channel is a must-watch for everyone who wants to use this software.

Junichiro Horikawa

This next channel was recommended to us by you, our readers. It belongs to an Architectural Programmer Junichiro Horikawa and contains heaps of videos about Rhino, Unity, and Houdini, including the author's personal projects. All of Junichiro's Houdini tutorials are conveniently structured, making channel navigation easy and intuitive.

There are also, obviously, many videos in Japanese, so if you speak this language, the channel would be even more useful for you. If not, don't worry, Junichiro's Houdini Algorithmic Live series is all completely in English.

Radu Cius

Our next pick, Radu Cius, is an experienced Environment Artist who creates educational tutorials for Houdini, UE4, and more. Among other things, Radu's channel features tutorials on procedural generation, procedural modeling, procedural texturing, and procedural design in Houdini and Unreal Engine. Radu's tutorials are useful for both aspiring and experienced artists because they teach procedural workflows from fundamentals to advanced levels.

Simon Houdini

Our next channel belongs to the one and only Simon Verstraete, a well-known Technical/Houdini Artist. The channel contains plenty of Houdini tutorials for users who already know the basics of working in the app. With Simon's tutorials, you can learn how to generate houses, use rope and cable tools, create stylized environments for games, and use nodes wisely.

Keep in mind though that Simon's tutorials would better suit experienced users, so it is recommended to get comfortable using Houdini's basic tools first.


This next channel belongs to a 3D artist with 10 years of experience in the field Matt Ekstrom. On the channel, Matt teaches various techniques that can be used in your working process. The main feature of the channel is the Houdini+Redshift combo that the artist uses and shows how to use to your advantage. From procedural modeling to procedural grass, Stormz has you covered.

Konstantin Magnus

Up next, we have Konstantin Magnus and his channel dedicated to teaching 3D design and architectural visualization. Besides Houdini, the artist also uses Cinema 4D, Blender for organic modeling, but when procedural solutions are required, Magnus uses Houdini.

On the channel, you will find numerous tutorials on procedural techniques in Houdini. Magnus shows how to use the tool, what are its capabilities, and what are its advantages. A great channel for aspiring artists.

Adrien Lambert

And finally, we have a channel that belongs to Adrien Lambert, a CG Trainer and Lead Generalist at ILM. Lambert is frequently mentioned on our website because of his fantastic and in-depth tutorials related to procedural art in Houdini and Blender. If you are looking to or already using these programs, then Lambert's YouTube channel can teach you a lot of new things to try in your projects. Plus, you will find a lot of neat techniques related to environment art.

These were our 7 picks for this list. Do you agree with our list? What artists should we have added here? Would you like to try procedural workflows in Houdini? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below or on our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, on Instagram or Twitter.

Preview art by Adrien Lambert

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  • Patel Shantu

    Should definitely add EHoudiniAcademy channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/EHoudiniAcademy/featured
    Its one of best series for beginners or advanced users.


    Patel Shantu

    ·2 years ago·

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