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A Deep Dive Into Meta’s Cloud Gaming Infrastructure

Meta's engineers shared some insides on how the company's cloud services work.

If you wanted to learn more about cloud gaming and the technology behind it, then this new article published by the Meta team might be exactly what you were looking for. In this article, Meta's Qunshu Zhang and Xiaoxing Zhu revealed some behind-the-scenes information about the company's cloud gaming infrastructure, spoke about what cloud gaming is, talked about edge computing, GPUs, and virtualization, and discussed the future of the technology.

Plus, the engineers touched upon using cloud gaming for the metaverse, so if you are an aspiring metaverse developer then you will be able to learn a couple of important things on this topic as well.

"Creating the unprecedented access offered by cloud gaming required engineers at Meta to rise to new challenges and develop a growing hardware infrastructure capable of delivering quality game experiences to people all over the world," comments the team. "But gaming itself is also evolving. From new 3D experiences like AR and VR to what will eventually become the metaverse, people all over the world want to play increasingly immersive games as seamlessly and easily as possible. While it will take a massive effort across the industry to bring the metaverse to fruition, we believe creating the infrastructure and solving the challenges of cloud gaming are pointing us toward solutions for the metaverse as well."

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