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A Life-Size Recreation of Mars Made in UE5 With Voxel Plugin 2.0

Victor Careil showed how the updated version of Voxel Plugin, currently in development, can be used to create a planet 4,200 miles in diameter.

Victor Careil, a Developer and the creator of Voxel Plugin, a neat add-on for Unreal Engine that allows creating fully volumetric, destructible, infinite worlds, has recently shared a new mind-blowing project, showcasing the capabilities of Voxel Plugin 2.0, an upcoming update to the add-on currently in development.

This time, the creator left us speechless by producing a true to life recreation of Mars in Unreal Engine 5, with the digital double of the Red Planet having a radius of 2,106 miles (3,390 kilometers), similar to the planet's real-life size. According to the author, the recreation of Mars was made using Voxel Plugin 2.0's new planet node, which uses just six Height Maps to create a planet, and is a fully volumetric mesh.

And here's the voxel graph that was used to generate the planet:

As mentioned before, Voxel Plugin 2.0 is currently WiP, but it can already be tried in tested in beta by purchasing the 1.2 version of the add-on.

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