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A New Procedural Building Generator Made in UE5

The generator was created by Aulden Carter and can be downloaded via Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Game Developer and Tech Artist Aulden Carter has released Simple Procedural Building Generator, an Unreal Engine 5-powered, Blueprints-based building generator that allows you to create entire cities in just a few clicks. The generator utilizes a spline-based algorithm and meshes to generate houses, giving the user full control over the primary shape of the building.

According to the creator, the buildings are generated from the ground up during each cycle based on the properties given. Thanks to the seed-based approach, the exact generation can be regenerated given the same seed and properties. Building length, width, and height can be determined prior to generation. The list of properties includes roof, cornice, curb, gutter, entrances, signs, etc.

What's more, the generator supports UE5's Lumen and Nanite and can be expanded by adding Quixel content via Quixel Bridge into the generator. The buildings are game-ready in terms of draw calls as they utilize Unreal's HISM, which also supports LODs. 

You can learn more and purchase the generator for $39.99 by visiting its UE Marketplace page.

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