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A New Update to Photoshop Adds A New AI Tool

A new beta version powered by AI lets you extend images. 

Adobe launched Photoshop 25.0, a new beta build of the popular digital software, which adds another tool powered by Firefly, Adobe's generative AI toolset. The new version introduces Generative Expand, an outpainting tool, which uses artificial intelligence to extend an image beyond its current borders.

In other news, Adobe launched a stable version of Photoshop 24.7, which mostly fixes several bugs. 

Adobe started integrating AI-powered tools into its software back in Maya when the team introduced Firefly into Photoshop, starting a major initiative to bring AI to existing creative workflows across Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express.

By plugging in Firefy, Adobe added Generative Fill to Photoshop, which allows users to extend images as well as add and remove objects using simple text prompts. The feature soon became a major trend on the internet and gave birth to numerous experiments

The tool's latest update and its new feature, Generative Expand, is similar to Generative Fill. The feature, rather than replacing a certain part of an image, extends an existing image’s borders.

You can use the existing Crop tool to expand an image and, then type in a text description of the new background you would like to see. The AI part of an image is generated non-destructively as a new layer.

Photoshop 25.0 is currently a beta build of the tool – you can install it via Adobe’s Creative Cloud app. Little is known about the stable release of the AI-powered version. As for those who prefer using a stable version, Photoshop 24.7 is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 11.0+ on a rental-only basis.

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