Outskirts Environment Breakdown

Toivo Huhtaniska did a detailed breakdown of his Outskirts scene, discussed the concept workflow, adding details, shared his approach to modeling in ZBrush, texturing workflow in Substance tools, and showed his lighting setup. 


Toivo Huhtaniska

Published on

Aug 13, 2020

John Doe's Bathroom Breakdown

John Carney talked about the production process of his scene which initially started with a few props for practice, shared his layout and texturing workflow and named his favorite software. 


John Carney

Published on

Aug 04, 2020

More Online Courses for Character Artists at YIIHUU

Check out another 5 courses from YIIHUU on character art. The compilation contains overviews of the full production workflow of stylized and cinematic characters, as well as tutorials on hair generation. 


Ellie Harisova

Published on

Jul 27, 2020

Zahhak: Mythical Character Breakdown

Ali Jalali discussed his career path in the CG-industry and did a breakdown of his mythical character, Zahhak, shared his favorite software and mentioned a few useful tips on hair production. 


Ali Jalali

Published on

May 12, 2020

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