Working on a Modular Lighthouse Environment in UE4

Craig Richards did a detailed breakdown of his latest UE4 scene The Lighthouse inspired by Dear Esther: modeling in 3ds Max, texturing workflow in Substance Suite, work with Megascans, and more.


Craig Richards

Published on

Jul 03, 2020

Environment Art in UE4: Antique Room

Tarek Abdellatif talked about the production of his UE4 project Antique Room: modeling in Maya, texturing in Substance Painter and Designer, and preparing the final renders.


Tarek Abdellatif

Published on

Jun 08, 2020

New Home: Modeling in Blender & Texturing with Substance Suite

Inka Sipola did a breakdown of her recent UE4 environment New Home and talked about modeling the buildings, texturing in Substance Painter, Designer, and Alchemist, and setting up final renders.


Inka Sipola

Published on

Jun 04, 2020

The Aftermath: UE4 Scene Production Techniques

Hussain Dabhiya discussed his educational background and his UE4 scene The Aftermath, talked about his approach to modular kits and material production with Substance Suite and shared some useful tips for working in UE4. 


Hussain Dabhiya

Published on

Jun 02, 2020

Zahhak: Mythical Character Breakdown

Ali Jalali discussed his career path in the CG-industry and did a breakdown of his mythical character, Zahhak, shared his favorite software and mentioned a few useful tips on hair production. 


Ali Jalali

Published on

May 12, 2020

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