Gumroad Digest: Substance Designer Materials

Check out 5 packs with Substance Designer materials we picked for this week's digest. Whether you are looking for animalistic textures or stylized wooden materials, this compilation might come in handy for you!


Ellie Harisova

Published on

Feb 24, 2020

Cafe Ceiling: Creating Complex Materials in Substance Designer

Alex Beddows shared his approach to recreating a cafe ceiling with a complex pattern, talked about planning such a project, shared his workflow with the Curve Draw Node by Ilya Kuzmichev and gave some tips on presentation. 


Alex Beddows

Published on

Feb 19, 2020

Auto Landscape Material Development: Working Smart on Large Projects

Lukas Stratmann discussed the production of the Spanish Mission environment created for testing out the prop and background art pipeline that can be used in his game Sails of War.


Lukas Stratmann

Published on

Jan 29, 2020

Wasteland Car: Subtle Butcher

Paweł Kostecki discussed his approach to creating Subtle Butcher in Substance tools, talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Substance Painter, shared how he worked on lighting and gave some tips on how to achieve nice texture. 


Paweł Kostecki

Published on

Jan 28, 2020

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