Adobe Launched Substance 3D Designer 13.1

The software gets a bunch of quality-of-life improvements.

Image credit: Adobe

Adobe has released Substance 3D Designer 13.1, the latest version of its 3D material creation software. It's a small update introducing some nice quality-of-life improvements and AxF support.

First, the company worked on the node graph's Frames, making them auto-expand when you're holding Shift while moving an object. This rids you of the unnecessary hassle of changing the frame after the fact. Additionally, if you go overboard with a frame, you can now automatically adjust its position and size to fit the content.

Image credit: Adobe

Then, there are enhanced descriptions in frames so you can have formatted text there: bold, cursive, or any other kind available.

Image credit: Adobe

Adobe has also tweaked the node menu a little. You don't need to have an exact match in the search menu to find something, and pressing the up arrow lets you directly access the last element in the list.

Moreover, when you copy/paste nodes from one graph to another, pasted nodes are now aligned to the main grid, and when you add a node on a long link, this one will be placed in the middle of the visible part of the link.

If you use the 2D View panel a lot, you'll be happy to hear that options like 'Show checkerboard', 'Keep view size', 'Use physical size', and 'Display tiling' are now saved, "so you don't have to set them again when you create a new 2D view or even when you restart Designer."

Image credit: Adobe

Other changes include AxF export for X-Rite so you can edit AxF materials in Substance 3D Designer and then export your changes as a new layer in the imported AxF file. Plus, Adobe added the 'Visible if' properties and the order of graphs Inputs/Outputs to the Python API.

Substance 3D Designer 13.1 is available for $149.99. Find the list of improvements here and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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