Making the Fire Troll from God of War in ZBrush & Substance 3D Painter

Montassar Nahdi told us about the workflow behind the Fire Troll project and talked about redesigning the character while staying true to the original concept.


Montassar Nahdi

Published on

Jan 13, 2022

Making a Securitron from Fallout New Vegas in 3ds Max & ZBrush

TheFriedturkey showed us the workflow behind the Securitron project, told us about a useful DynaMesh side effect, and talked about staying true to the original in-game model.


The Friedturkey

Published on

Jan 11, 2022

Designing a Control Panel in Maya, ZBrush and Substance 3D Painter

Alex Whitt shared an extensive breakdown of the Interphone Control Panel project, showed us the Unreal Engine 5 workflow without post-processing, and explained the importance of imperfections.


Alex Whitt

Published on

Jan 04, 2022

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