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A Pizza Chef from Glasgow Chunkified His Breakfast

It's almost as good as at the Chunks restaurant in Starfield.

Image credit: Bethesda, Starfield

If you think that the only chance to taste the famous Chunks' food was playing Starfield nonstop, you might be wrong. Now you can try and enjoy the futuristic food in the form of cubes in real life as well, just like Denis Fisher did.

A few days ago, a Pizza Chef from Glasgow, Scotland, posted his breakfast on Reddit, and it looked exactly like the Chunks' breakfast, except for the beans, of course. A cube of egg and two cubes of Spam lying next to each other, resembling the Chunks' food.

Image credit: Denis Fisher

The post went viral and the question everyone was asking was: "Why aren't the beans chunkified? You should've used gelatine to make it". Here's what Fisher said: "That would work, but I don't really want to eat cold jellied beans. It's important to me for these kinds of experiments that the food must be something I'd want to eat, so nothing gets wasted."

He also said that he did it on the day off, he wanted to play Starfield and explore some planets, but instead, Fisher chose to experiment a little with the food he had. Fisher added that he wanted to chunkify something else, but was not sure what it would be.

"The cheesecake would be a fun one. Also, I've wanted to try that cubed layered potato thing that went viral a while ago, so maybe that could also join the party," he said.

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