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Bethesda's Starfield Reimagined as a Tiny World

A YouTuber, known as Flurdeh, showed what Bethesda's Starfield could look like in the isometric view.

Image Credit: Bethesda/Flurdeh, Starfield

If you haven't heard about a blogger Flurdeh, you can check out the article we wrote last year

Flurdeh has gained significant recognition for their renowned series called Tiny Game Worlds, which offers a unique perspective on the scenery and worlds within video games. The artist employs the Tilt-Shift technique, commonly used in photography, to manipulate the orientation of the focal plane and to transform diverse games into miniature versions of their original selves. Flurdeh has already worked on over 30 games such as Elden RingDark SoulsBioshock Infinite, Skyrim, God of War, Half-Life 2, and many others.

This time the blogger decided to turn Starfield into a miniature space. Here's the video:

While Starfield is primarily a first-person game (or third-person, depending on your preference), Flurdeh has creatively transformed it into a miniature world, giving a unique visual perspective and the impression of a scaled-down version of the game.

Image Credit: Bethesda/Flurdeh, Starfield

Flurdeh skillfully captured various locations within Starfield, including Constellation headquarters, a nightclub, a runway, and the interiors of several buildings. In just two and a half minutes, the artist showcased the vibrant cities of New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila City.

Image Credit: Bethesda/Flurdeh, Starfield

Through Flurdeh's distinctive style, the spaceship featured in one of the shots takes on a toy-like appearance, while distant views of plazas and open spaces resemble dynamic dioramas, adding a captivating and animated dimension to the scenes.

Recently, Flurdeh has created Tiny Worlds of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and The Last of Us. If you want to see more, you can visit Flurdeh's YouTube channel.

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