Elden Ring Reimagined as an Isometric Game

YouTuber Flurdeh has turned the Lands Between into a miniature world.

For the past month and a half, game developers and gamers from all over the world have been playing, experimenting, and dissecting Elden Ring, trying to get as much content from the game as possible. YouTuber known only as Flurdeh decided to participate in these experiments by giving FromSoftware's renowned game a bird's-eye view, reimagining Elden Ring as an isometric title from the late 90s.

The new view was given by using tilt-shift, a special technique used in photography to control the orientation of the plane of focus. The technique allowed to turn Elden Ring's gorgeous landscapes and locations into a miniature world, populated by tiny versions of people and monsters.

This project is a part of Flurdeh's Tiny Game Worlds series that looks at the scenery and worlds of games from a completely different perspective, using techniques similar to tilt-shift in video games to make the world appear smaller. You can check out some of the other projects down below or by visiting the author's YouTube page.

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