A Teacher Gets Xboxes, PS5 & Nintendo Switch Consoles for Their Class

The "Video Games as Literature" class is going to be a blast. 

If you thought your school was high-tech, wait until you read this. An English teacher from Oregon got their class a bunch of consoles, including 20 Xbox Series S, 1 PlayStation 5, and 4 Nintendo Switches. All for educational purposes, of course.

To teach their "Video Games as Literature" class, Reddit user AnonymousCerealBowl has managed to get a grant for the devices. 

"I’m going to teach lessons based around specific games on the other systems too. For instance I want students to play the Stanley Parable on the PS5, and each take turns playing one after the other to see different results. I want to have them play the switch and discuss how controllers can affect storytelling, and cooperate together to solve problems," says the teacher.

AnonymousCerealBowl said it wasn't hard to get Xboxes, although PS5 was harder to find (that's why there's only one.) The students will be playing a range of Game Pass games while analyzing narrative plots in the games, "tragic heroes, unreliable narrators," and other literary devices.

"I'm still amazed my school district is allowing me to do this, and I'm so excited to be starting this journey proving more than Minecraft can be in the classroom!"

Right now, the teacher is working on a syllabus. Reddit users have suggested their ideas for great games, like Disco Elysium, Life Is Strange, and Firewatch, but the teacher is not ready to share the list until it's completed.

What would you like to see in this class? Check out the Reddit post and share your ideas below.

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