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A Unique Approach to Setting Up Character Faces in ZBrush

Takehiko Oogami highlighted an unusual use case for the software's TransposeCloth brush.

Over the past couple of days, Digital Artist Oogami Takehiko, also known as gami, has been sharing a series of demos and screenshots showcasing a rather unconventional approach to setting up character faces in ZBrush, Maxon's renowned 3D sculpting application.

Utilizing the program's TransposeCloth brush, a version of the Gizmo3D that uses cloth simulation and enables you to use the Gizmo3D to control what is happening without actually running the simulation, and customizing Dynamics parameters, the artist can pull a cloth simulation onto a 3D mesh, as demonstrated in the demo embedded above. Furthermore, this simulation can then be adjusted at the UV stage, allowing for the modification of facial features simply by tweaking the cloth sim.

And here's a series of screenshots shared by Oogami that demonstrate how you can recreate the setup yourself:

Previously, the technique used for the project was highlighted in Michael Pavlovich's tutorial on retopology with dynamic cloth and collision surfaces:

We highly encourage you to visit Oogami's Twitter page to check out more of the artist's awesome works. And if you'd like to learn more about working with cloth simulations in ZBrush, these great tutorials will most certainly help you out:

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