A Workshop On Pixar-Style Facial Animation

Gnomon released a new course by Victor Navone, Supervising Animator at Pixar Animation Studios.

This in-depth workshop discusses the art of facial animation for feature films allowing users to develop a style similar to the one found in Pixar projects. The workshop will teach you how to animate a shot from start to finish and share Victor’s workflow tips, guidelines, and essential tools for setting up CG-animated characters.

Navone, who has been working at Pixar since 2000 starting with Monsters, Inc., talked about appealing sequences, the importance of asymmetry, rhythm in expressions, facial anatomy, and more. Most importantly, the master discusses how to use exaggeration in animation for appealing results.

You will start with warm-up expression exercises and an introduction to the character model from Long Winter Studios. Then, you will set up a complete shot using dialog, animate the eyes and lips, and set up the final sequence.  

You can learn more and get started here

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    A Workshop On Pixar-Style Facial Animation