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Accurately Depict Rock Surfaces with this ZBrush Brushes Set

For the price lower than a combo meal at McDonald's.

In the world of environmental art, the devil is truly in the details. Creating an immersive outdoor environment requires a keen eye and a meticulous approach. Carefully designed key elements, like rocks and vegetation, can bring us closer to the authenticity of real-world environments.

For artists who are relentless in their pursuit of detailed and vibrant creations, this ZBrush Brushes set, specifically designed for crafting realistic rocks, is a toolset worth considering.

The Surfaces - Rocks 01 - ZBrush Brushes & PBR Textures set is more than just a collection of tools; it's a comprehensive package devised to enhance the fidelity of your digital art and provide your environments with a lifelike essence.

This set includes:

  • 10 ZBrush Layered Pattern Brushes
  • 10 2040px Alphas/Displacement
  • 10 Diffuse/Albedo Textures
  • 8 Spec Maps
  • 10 Normal Maps
  • 10 Gloss Maps
  • 10 Roughness Maps

So, if you're an artist who values authenticity, detail, and quality in your work, the Surfaces - Rocks 01 - ZBrush Brushes & PBR Textures set could be a worthy addition to your toolkit.

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