Adobe Released Substance 3D Painter 9.1

It introduces SVG and transparency support as well as drag-and-drop and Path tool improvements.

Image credit: Adobe

Adobe has launched Substance 3D Painter 9.1, bringing improvements to a variety of tools.

First, you'll find support for vector graphics in SVG format: you can import them, easily preserve original image proportions, and automatically use alpha of SVG with transparency.

In addition, Adobe added three SVG-focused material filters: Custom Sticker, Custom Spray, and Graphic to Material.

Next, Substance 3D Painter now has support for Opacity, Translucency, and Absorption Color in the ASM shader.

There are also various drag-and-drop improvements:

  • Auto-import asset when drag and dropping into UI slot
  • Allow to drag and drop external assets into the layer stack
  • Drag and drop textures from Assets Panel into the Layer Stack
  • Allow to drag and drop generator, filters on the mesh
  • Allow to drop external assets onto the mesh
  • Drag and drop Smart Masks as new layers in viewport and Layer Stack
  • [QoL] Allow to drag and drop single channel images over a fill effect
  • Use CTRL/ALT modifiers with drag and drop to specify where/how to create effects/layer

The Path tool received some changes as well. You can now toggle path visibility individually in the Path panel, use transformation manipulators for path points, manually control tangents per vertex, copy/paste path properties, and add an empty shortcut for the break tangent button.

Other changes include the ability to send a textured mesh to After Effects, temporal anti-aliasing and subsurface scattering being enabled by default, and several fixes.

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