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AMD Claims It Could Make NVIDIA RTX 4090 Competitor With RDNA 3 GPU

But it would be too costly and power-consuming.

In a recent interview with ITMedia, AMD's EVP Rick Bergman revealed that the company could create an RDNA 3 GPU that would compete with NVIDIA's RTX 4090. 

Discussing why AMD didn't release an RDNA 3 GPU in its Radeon RX 7000 lineup, Bergman said it could develop such a GPU for tech enthusiasts, but it would be too expensive and power-consuming, which is not what the company is going for.

"Technically, it is possible to develop a GPU with specs that compete with theirs (NVIDIA)," he said (via Wccftech). "However, the GPU developed in this way was introduced to the market as a graphics card with a TDP (thermal design power) of 600W and a reference price of $1,600 (about 219,000 yen)'', and was accepted by general PC gaming fans. After thinking about it, we chose not to adopt such a strategy."

SVP David Wang also pointed out that AMD hasn't made a $1,600 GPU in recent years and is focusing on providing cards under $1,000 "with a good balance between performance and cost", and these $600 could be used to buy other computer parts and make the whole gaming experience better.

As for the future tech, AMD postponed the realization of a Multi-GPU die for the RDNA 3 GPUs as it is "more efficient and less costly to create a large-scale GPU (core)".

"As you know, current high-end GPU cores contain more than 10,000 arithmetic cores (floating point arithmetic units). This is over 1000 times the number of CPU cores. If you try to interconnect (connect) the GPU dies in this state, the number of connection points will be enormous, and reliable electrical signal transmission cannot be guaranteed. So, at the moment, it is difficult not only in man-hours but also in terms of cost to connect the GPU die with the same glue as the CPU die."

While AMD is busy with RDNA 3, the next generation RDNA 4 will focus on ray tracing, and the company will try to improve performance by around 60%. 

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