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An Indie Game DREDGE Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies

Such impressive results gave Black Salt Games an opportunity to support the game by launching its first DLC, The Pale Reach, which is coming soon.

Image credit: Black Salt Games, DREDGE

DREDGE is a multi-award-winning fishing adventure indie title, developed by Black Salt Games, a small indie studio from Christchurch, New Zealand. The game made its debut on March 30, being released on PC as well as all major console platforms available at the time.

DREDGE invites players to captain their fishing trawler and embark on an exploration of remote isles and their mysterious depths. The game offers the opportunity to sell your catch to local inhabitants and undertake quests that unveil the troubled histories of each area. As you progress, you can upgrade your boat with improved equipment, enabling you to venture into deep-sea trenches and discover distant lands. You need to remember that time management is crucial, as the darkness may hold unexpected encounters that you won't welcome.

Image credit: Black Salt Games, DREDGE

The game was warmly accepted by the audience and surpassed the expectations of Black Salt Games. The developer initially anticipated selling a maximum of 100k copies within the first year, which would have been considered a satisfactory outcome. However, the game achieved this milestone within the first 24 hours of its release.

"We hoped to maybe sell 100,000 copies in our first year," said Thorne. "That would have been amazing. That was a top estimate when we were setting our expectations. We smashed through those targets", shared the developer with Game Developer. "We actually had our launch party on a boat, and we were just refreshing the [sales page] going 'oh my god, oh my god".

Image credit: Black Salt Games, DREDGE

The successful start and strong sales gave the creators a chance to focus on supporting DREDGE. The developer shared that they are launching the first game expansion called The Pale Reach. In the game's expansion, players can anticipate the addition of a fresh location that brings its own unique story to the adventure. Completing the expansion content is expected to take players around one to three hours.

"DREDGE: The Pale Reach will be the game's first paid content expansion and introduce players to a brand-new biome that will require additional equipment capable of tackling its treacherous and icy expanse. They will need to trawl freezing depths and traverse crystalline canyons to follow in the footsteps of a doomed expedition lost to time while hunting for 11 new fish and crab species, and their aberrated counterparts," the creators shared. 

Here's the trailer for the DLC, which will be released on November 16.

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