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An Upcoming Destruction Toolkit Made in Unreal Engine 5

Kristian Kebbe shared one more demo for the soon-to-be-released Chaos-powered tool for creating destructions in UE5.

Kristian Kebbe, a VFX Artist and Game Developer whom you might know as the creator of Lucen, an upcoming action-adventure game inspired by Studio Ghibli's works, has recently shared a new demo showcasing a soon-to-be-released destruction toolset for Unreal Engine 5.

Having been in development since at least early March, the toolkit leverages the full power of UE5's Chaos Destruction, a high-performance physics and destruction system, enabling the user to simulate an array of impressive destructions in the engine. As shown in the new demo, the toolset can be used to create destructible props, surface hit effects, explosions, and more. On top of that, the creator revealed that the setup had entered its final stages of production, with its release date being "really close". 

"I am using clustering in Chaos, spawning a field at bullet impact for strain and velocities, and using impact, breaking, collisions, trailing data, etc. to trigger various VFX and sound. Each destructible is contained within a data asset that's easy to predefined," commented the developer on the inner workings of the toolset.

"What you see here is decent perf for what it is, as I'm using 'remove on sleep' for most geometry collections, which shrinks and removes pieces after they sleep. There are a few ways to trade off performance and visuals," adds Kristian on performance. "For instance, for targeting lower end you could fracture with much less pieces, and add a bunch of medium and small bits as particles, from break events with the chaos data interface in Niagara. Combined with removing the pieces on fracture/sleep you can ratchet up perf."

And here are some of the earlier demos shared by the author:

We highly encourage you to visit Kristian's Twitter page so as not to miss any future updates.

And if you want to learn more about the early days of Lucen, back when the game was called Lucent, we recommend checking out our 2019 interview with the developer, who talked about the development process behind the game, discussing content creation, terrain, shaders, lighting, and more.

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