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An Update on RetroSpace, an Immersive Disco-Punk Horror FPS

The game has now unveiled its Steam page for wishlisting, alongside new trailers offering a sneak peek into the captivating in-game footage.

Image Credit: The Wild Gentlemen, RetroSpace

It's been some time since we first introduced RetroSpace, the upcoming disco-punk horror FPS, known for its unique blend of humor and horror. The developers have made significant progress since then, including launching the Steam page, releasing more trailers, and regularly updating their social media with engaging footage and humorous snapshots from the game.

Before we delve into the latest updates, here's a refresher on the game's basic information:

“Disco-punk space horror where you can be a sneaky chap or a mutant action hero as you try to survive on a space station swallowed by a black hole. A mind-bending ride with weird creatures, immersive features, time jumps, and '70s mustaches!” 

A teaser trailer has been unveiled later, providing a more intimate glimpse into the space station's interiors and introducing us to the peculiar creatures inhabiting it: 

Image Credit: The Wild Gentlemen, RetroSpace

After a headshot to kill your enemy, you'll have to clean the crime scene. The developer says, in the game, clean-up isn't just an amusing feature but offers tactical advantages. See what else it can do: 

Image Credit: The Wild Gentlemen, RetroSpace

It's funny when you're cleverly hiding in a corner, with the enemy sneaking past you, unaware that you're right under their nose.

The game does not have a release date yet but you can already wishlist it on Steam now and follow the developer on Twitter to be informed of future updates. 

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