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Analyzing Level Design Inside Unreal

A cool example of how you can study your levels in Unreal Engine.

How does one examine game levels? How can you identify weak spots? Defwen, one of the developers of Vigor, showed how Bohemia Interactive analyses game levels. 

For example, the developer showed the most popular spots on Brodalen Bridges, one of the locations in Vigor. The pictures show heatmaps that present the most intense places.

They can also study a line of sight. Below you can find a comparison between two of the game's locations. 

Defwen shared some details on their system for analytics on a personal website. "I established the pipeline for QGIS data, which later showed not sufficient enough for such a large project. The company hired a programmer dedicated to analytics and I closely cooperate with him to achieve desired results. This solution allowed us to automatize the process and create necessary outputs directly in Unreal Engine 4," wrote the developer.

Make sure to visit the developer's website and Twitter page.  What do you think about this approach? What other tricks could be used? 

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