Apex Legends Players Lost Months of Progress After Update

Respawn worked on the issue and will add more fixes soon.

Image credit: Respawn

Apex Legends players received an unpleasant surprise yesterday: months of progress were wiped out together with their levels and battle passes after an update. 

"I was level 300 and now I’m back to 189 and all my stats went down as well. I also no longer own the battle pass," said one Reddit user.

"Yup, just happened to me too, went from 547 to 417, battle pass is gone (nearly had it completed). I suspect it’s because of the cross progression pop up that popped up when I started the game, although I find that strange considering I already merged my accounts months ago," added another in the comments.

Thankfully, Respawn reacted quickly, investigated the issue, and rolled out a fix: "Any account logging in now will not experience any lost progress or content."

Players who are still missing progress will have to wait a little more, the studio is working on an additional fix to restore accounts to their state before the update that broke it all.

If you explore Respawn's X/Twitter, you'll see that post-update issues seem pretty common in Apex Legends, but none have been as dramatic as this one. Hopefully, everyone gets their game lives back soon and we'll forget about the fiasco.

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