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Arcane-Style "Noir Detective" Animated 3D Sculpt by Kirill Maslov

Made using Nomad Sculpt, Blender, 3DCoat, and CozyBlanket

Kirill Maslov, a talented 3D Character Artist who previously impressed us with "the lowpolyest" model of Jinx, has unveiled a new animated sculpt with strong Arcane vibes, depicting a strong and silent "Noir Detective" with stunning hand-painted textures.

According to Kirill, the sculpt is a 3D interpretation of Hardy Fowler's 2D concept, created to practice speed-sculpting and animation techniques. As for the software, the artist utilized a combination of Nomad Sculpt, Blender, 3DCoat, and CozyBlanket to model, unwrap, texture, render, and animate the detective.

"Still learning the ropes of Nomad Sculpt," commented Kirill. "Can't comprehend, how versatile and compact it is, especially after clunky desktop counterpart(s). Tube tool controls feel so much more simple and powerful than anywhere – e.g. placing haircards here is actually fun, not a choir."

"Speaking of fun," he continues, "the first times I'd reclined on a sofa started CozyBlanket to retopo something, my kids attacked me, 'Wow, a new game?! How do you play it?! Gimme Gimme!' Though it's still rough around the edges, it's surprisingly effective, ~90% done in it."

And here are some of Kirill's earlier works, you can check out more by visiting the creator's official ArtStation page:

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