Archetype Entertainment's EXODUS Is Being Co-Developed by Certain Affinity

The sci-fi RPG won't be a novelty for Halo co-creators.

Archetype Entertainment announced its partnership with Certain Affinity to develop EXODUS, a new AAA sci-fi action-adventure RPG.

Certain Affinity is mostly known for helping 343i with Halo. Together with Archetype, the teams have contributed to Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, KOTOR, and other famous titles. Apparently, the two have been working on EXODUS since 2022. 

Image credit: Archetype, Certain Affinity

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with James, Chad, and the rest of the team at Archetype Entertainment,” said Certain Affinity’s CEO and founder, Max Hoberman. “As one of the world’s premiere independent studios, we’ve worked on a huge variety of great games, but nothing quite like this exciting new Sci-Fi IP, EXODUS. Our mission is to add value in development across the board and to complement their efforts in bringing this amazing storytelling experience to players around the world.”

Image credit: Archetype, Certain Affinity

EXODUS puts emphasis on Time Dilation, meaning while you're traveling in space, decades may pass for your friends and family at home, so your choices have extra weight. You will lead other Travelers like you to steal alien weapons and technology "from the most powerful enemy in this universe – the Celestials."

Archetype wants to introduce "an extremely innovative and expansive world" in this game that will be "the beginning of a decades-long narrative-driven adventure for gamers." The developers hope EXODUS will stand apart "in terms of quality, deep engagement, and value for gamers."

There is no release date for the game yet, but you can become its Founder via opt-in by March 31, so I assume we'll see more of it by then.

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