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Artists' Protection Against AI Glaze Gets More Effective With New Version

Glaze 2.0 works better for smooth surface art.

Artists can now protect their works from AI theft more effectively with Glaze 2.0, an update to the software that "hides" artworks from AI. 

The tool allows artists to apply "style cloaks" to their art before sharing it online. The cloaks "apply barely perceptible perturbations to images, and when used as training data, mislead generative models that try to mimic a specific artist."

"Glaze is a system designed to protect human artists by disrupting style mimicry. At a high level, Glaze works by understanding the AI models that are training on human art, and using machine learning algorithms, computing a set of minimal changes to artworks, such that it appears unchanged to human eyes, but appears to AI models like a dramatically different art style."

The new version improves robustness against Stable Diffusion 1, 2, and XL, especially for smooth surface art like anime and cartoons. Image modifications have become less noticeable modification, computational efficiency has been improved on most platforms allowing for about 50% faster performance, and built-in Mac GPU support has been introduced so Mac M-CPUs can work over 5 times quicker.

If you don't have access to all your software, try WebGlaze, a free online version you can run on your phone, tablet, or any device with a browser.

The creators of Glaze are also working on a similar tool to protect short videos and animations. You can help them test the system by taking this survey.

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