Avowed & Hellblade II Will Reportedly Be the First Major Xbox Releases after Starfield

Meanwhile, the Fable reboot is far from release – the game has only entered full production, it's claimed.

Obsidian Entertainment's Avowed and Ninja Theory's Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II are reportedly set to be the next major Xbox first-party releases that will be launched after Starfield, while Playground Games' Fable has just entered full production.

That's according to Video Games Chronicle's Editor-in-Chief Andy Robinson who spoke about Xbox’s plans during the recent VGC podcast.

It seems that the Hellblade sequel will be released first – given that the game has been in development for several years, it's logical to assume that Ninja Theory is approaching the final stages of the game's development. Its release will supposedly be followed by Avowed.

Apparently, fans will have to wait for the Fable launch – the game is said to have only recently entered the stage of full-fledged production despite being in development for several years.

Robinson's co-host Jordan Miller mentioned that Playground Games had been deliberating on the concept of the new Fable for a considerable amount of time, with such discussions taking place in 2022. It was also noted that the company had faced challenges with management-related problems.

Additionally, it appears that the developers of the new installment in the series drew inspiration from The Witcher, and as a result, some aspects of the project may resemble elements from the popular franchise.

The Perfect Dark reboot and Everwild also seem to be far from release, according to Robinson and Miller. Earlier, it was reported that the former one faced issues with employee turnover and ineffective management, while the development of the latter one was reportedly "restarted from scratch" a couple of years ago.

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