Badminton in VR: Dennys Kuhnert Reveals the New Simulator

Hand Physics Lab developer shared the latest VR creation via Twitter saying that it "was a pain to make the physics of the racket and the birdie feel right".

As the creator says, Hand Physics Lab is still a one-man project used as "an experimental playground to explore the limit of Unity". The new Badminton Simulator is another VR test for the virtual-hands experience. Though the majority of VR creations for Hand Physics Lab use hand tracking, the newest simulator needs controllers for a more true-to-life feeling. "Hand-tracking is not that fast and reliable yet and haptic feedbacks are definitely a plus for those kinds of activities", Dennys comments on Twitter.

Dennys Kuhnert's VR simulations are available on Oculus. Hand Physics Lab experiences are based on your real-life interactions with the environment. It has over 80 puzzles and experiences that allow you to build towers, paint stuff with your fingers, pet a virtual cat, and do many more simple yet entertaining things.

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