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Baldur's Gate 3 Lead Writer Doesn't Care What Happens with Sequel

As long as the developer doesn't care about financial gain.

Image credit: Larian Studios

Baldur's Gate 3 will stay in our hearts for a long time, but the story has to move on and evolve eventually. No one knows who might create its potential sequel to the adventure, but everyone hopes the team will be as passionate as Larian Studios. 

BG3's lead writer Adam Smith shared that he doesn't care where the next game goes as long as it is made by passionate developers who think about the experience more than about money.

"I don't mean that in a harsh way. What I would want is for somebody to do it because they wanted to do it, not because somebody said 'that would hit our earnings next quarter,'" he told GamesRadar+.

Baldur's Gate 4 has to come "from a position of wanting to do it" rather than a desire for a "bonus next year," in his opinion. Smith hopes the game will turn out "fucking great" if the developer gets into it thinking, "This is a story I can tell with these characters in this world."

Image credit: Larian Studios

By now, we know that Larian is leaving the game behind, moving to two new projects. Naturally, Hasbro, the parent company of Wizards of the Coast, wants to continue the saga after the third installment's overwhelming success and is already talking to its partners. As for Larian, there are other pastures waiting for them.

"We love Baldur's Gate. We always knew this was a Baldur's Gate story, because thematically, Baldur's Gate was always about people who were put into positions where they could change the world and people's lives, but were struggling against something inside themselves - an inheritance, a legacy, that pushed them towards darkness."

The studio is known for criticizing layoffs and companies' greed. Its CEO Swen Vincke believes publishers just need to "slow down on the greed" and let developers do their thing. "I've been fighting publishers my entire life and I keep on seeing the same, same, same mistakes over, and over and over." Hopefully, the next studio to pick up Baldur's Gate will stick to Larian's rules and not fall victim to corporate abuse.

"I hope that if there was a Baldur's Gate 4, it would come from the same place where somebody said, 'Here's the thing that I think is cool about this, and here's what I think I can do with it.' I think it has plenty of stories that can be done with it," said Smith.

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