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Battlefield 2042's AI Bots Will Be Nearly Impossible to Spot

Ripple Effect Studios' Battlefield 2042 is going to have AI bots to keep the servers full, and these are going to behave almost exactly like the real players.

This feature can't be disabled and you will never know whether you are playing together with real people or with a bunch of AI bots. Ripple Effect Studios promise that it will be pretty hard to tell the difference between a real player and an AI-driven one so there's no need to think your gaming experience is going to get worse — if anything, it's going to be a whole new challenge. 

"We’ve tried to put a lot of effort into making them play just like a player would. They will run around, they will drive vehicles, they will pick each other up, and things like that," explained Ripple Effect's Senior Design Director Justin Wiebe.

The developer said that there might be up to 64 AI bots in a game at any given time and those will leave as more and more real players join in. What we also know is that the bots can't use any Specialities and Traits (so, fortunately, they won't be impossible to defeat).

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