Battlefield V Player Count Suddenly Jumps 215% on Steam

The number was close to the game's all-time peak.

Image credit: DICE

Battlefield V is not a new game, it was released in 2018, so the sudden influx of concurrent players yesterday came seemingly out of the blue. 

As noticed by PCGamesN, the game reached a player count of 77,840 on Steam, jumping 215% in the last five days and getting close to its all-time peak of 89,814 registered in 2020. On Tuesday, Battlefield V saw over 50,000 players at the same time, which is also quite a lot, but before that, it was happy with about 20K every day.

This new rise managed to outrun Battlefield 2042, a newer title in the franchise, yesterday. It attracted around 40,000 players, although more than 100K fans hit a new record in October. The recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is doing better but it's still struggling compared to Modern Warfare 2. The game pulled in an average of 224,838 players last November but this month, after MW3 was launched, saw only 85,993 players on Steam.

Interestingly, Activision has just stated that Modern Warfare 3 had broken new engagement records, surpassing the previous two titles in terms of average hours played per player during the same initial two-week period.

Now, reports say that Treyarch's 2024 CoD game will be a Black Ops one set in the Gulf War. Maybe it will reach new heights for the franchise. 

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