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Bethesda Revealed Fallout 5 Details To The Fallout TV Series Creators

"Well, there were some things where I said, 'Don't do this because we are going to do that in Fallout 5'"

As fans eagerly await the upcoming Amazon's live-action Fallout series from the authors of the critically acclaimed Westworld, the fresh trailer released last week finally gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the first adaptation of one of the most beloved game franchises of all time.

It's been announced that the Fallout TV series won't follow any of the previous games, but instead focuses on a new story in the same universe. Set in the year 2296, the plot centers around a doe-eyed Vault Dweller named Lucy, who ventures above only to find out the world now is a complete hellscape with twisted remnants of civilization. The trailer reveals to us a number of characters, including ghouls and soldiers from The Brotherhood of Steel, the collapse of a vault, the pre-war world, and much more.

Image Credit: Amazon, Fallout

Image Credit: Amazon, Fallout

Recently, some curious behind-the-scenes details have been revealed by the Fallout series creator Todd Howard and the TV show creators Jonathan Nolan and Graham Wagner in an interview with Den of Geek.

Prior to that, Nolan made a comment on the game adaptation status in relation to the canon, saying "It's almost like we're Fallout 5. I don't want to sound presumptuous, but it's just a non-interactive version of it, right?", which some people took to mean the TV show is going to replace the next entry in the franchise.

The creators clarified that the series follows a completely different story and mentioned the advantages of setting it within the same universe as the Bethesda's title:

"I think it would be very presumptuous for someone to assume that we'd reach the caliber of the games. It means you have all of the benefits of beautiful storytelling that Todd and Bethesda Game Studio have contributed to, but we also get to tell an original story within that world. As writers and filmmakers, it's just a dream come true", said Jonathan Nolan, Executive Producer of the Fallout TV series.

After that, co-showrunner Graham Wagner jokingly said he thinks they made Fallout 6, to which Nolan added "We know all about Fallout 5, we're not telling anyone".

This prompted Todd Howard to clarify that he needed to inform the team behind the upcoming Fallout TV show to avoid certain story elements that are expected to appear in Fallout 5.

"Well, there were some things where I said, 'Don't do this because we are going to do that in Fallout 5'", commented Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Studio's Executive Producer.

Image Credit: Den of Geek

During the interview, Howard also made it clear that the point of the Fallout TV series is to both appeal to long-time fans and introduce the franchise to those who don't want to experience the universe in the form of a game:

"In many respects, a game is just one portal into viewing this world. Yes, you're in control, but for a lot of people, that can be a bit intimidating. They're not going to sit down and learn a game, there's like a whole process of learning. Doing it in the TV format, it can still be very cinematic – like Jonah says, we're doing an eight-hour movie here", added Todd Howard.

Below is the full clip of this interview conducted by The Den of Geek Studio at SXSW Film Festival:

All episodes of the Fallout TV show will be available on Amazon Prime Video on April 11.

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