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Blueprints from Hell: Share The Horror

Sorry for being slowpokes, but we’ve just discovered the treasury of the most horrific UE4 Blueprints.

Having a nice Blueprint setup that is clear, understandable and easy on the eyes is something of an unachievable goal for mere UE4 users. Yes, we see it in the images, tutorials, and other videos, but we never actually achieve it. What we do achieve is a set of “Blueprints from Hell”. And now there’s a website for that.

If you ever feel like your horrible Blueprints have matured enough to be shared with the world, please submit your doodles to the “Blueprints from Hell” – a wonderful community blog that features screenshots of some of the worst Blueprint setups ever.

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Comments 3

  • Anonymous user

    I remember one blueprint that was an absolute mess. It was part of a dynamic maze generation algorithm, but I wanted every tile filled with a maze room, so I gave each selectable room a property for each direction (based on whether or not it had an exit there, with a special value for not-yet-generated rooms) and then I did an "is the opposite property of the room in that direction not WALL, if so do X, then if it's FREE do Y, or if it is WALL just do Y" construct for every direction. And because I sucked at structuring my code, I simply nested it for the different directions.


    Anonymous user

    ·7 months ago·
  • Tetsuoo

    You could do that for Substance Designer too x)



    ·6 years ago·
  • Allar

    I run this tumblr, just so everyone knows, tumblr is for images that either I've been given permission to post or have been submitted to the site. Also, its clearly not too active, so submit away!



    ·7 years ago·

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