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"Breaking Down Years of Degradation": An Update on the State of Things at Unity

The company's Design Architect shared some insights that hint at Unity's forthcoming rebirth.


I think everyone would agree that over the past year or so, it's been awfully tough to be a Unity enthusiast, considering the series of bizarre decisions the company has made, like introducing new fees and firing hundreds of employees, which, let's be honest here, not only negatively affected their bottom line but also damaged their reputation to the point that many would consider irreparable.

Despite that, it seems that following the resignation of John Riccitiello, Unity's former President, CEO, and Chairman, whom many view as Greed Incarnate, the developer is now trying to turn over a new leaf, get rid of Riccitiello's legacy and regain favor with the community once again. Recently, Unity's Design Architect Will Goldstone, who's been with the company for over 13 years, took to Twitter to share some insights and provide an update on the state of things at Unity, hinting that very soon, thousands of Digital Artists and Game Developers may very well get their beloved engine back.

According to Will, the company has entered a positive period of change due to a new CEO, who is addressing years of "cultural degradation" and is being quite transparent about what is and isn't working for the company. Although the author's statement didn't provide specific details about the changes at Unity, Will is optimistic that the engine is making a comeback and could be better than expected.


"We are in a really positive period of change, the biggest I've seen in my 13+ years here," Will said. "We have a new CEO who is breaking down years of cultural degradation and getting us quickly to a place of transparency and clarity around what is and isn't working for us as a company. It feels like we are undoing so many of the missteps with the tech at an unprecedented pace, which feels really invigorating and is giving me the 2014 vibes of my early years at Unity.

There's nothing big or tangible to say right now but with all the energy firing up internally somehow it feels right to want to reach out to all of you in the community and tell you that the software you loved is coming back, and I really think it'll be better than you expect."

So, what's your take on Will's insights? Will Unity be able to restore its reputation? What do you think the future holds for the company and its engine? Tell us in the comments!

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Comments 3

  • Anonymous user

    The art of saying absolutely nothing of substance...


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·
  • Anonymous user

    A someone who is fully committed to the Unity engine and has been working with it for 10 years, I don't want to see a single new feature. I want to see this loose old machine get a tune-up for once, not just another half-baked replacement for an existing system that will then itself never be touched again after 18 months. I'm tired of things being cluttered up with a hundred deprecated features even though every new update breaks any existing projects anyway. And I'm afraid that if Unity is trying to make a big show of entering its post-Riccitiello era, it won't do any of that, it will start up some new built-in multiplayer solution, or visual scripting, or their own version of Nanite or raytracing or some other new hotness.

    If I could have exactly one wish of the "new" Unity, it would be to see them finally develop and publish a video game using their own engine. Eat the dog food. That is the only thing that would fully restore my confidence in this company.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Unity is the best overall Game Engine ou there. One thing I fail to understand is how Riccitiello was ever hired as CEO in the first place given his prior track record, and why did Unity ever allow him to continue until he destroyed it and the trust people had in it. Once trust is broken all is lost. Anyway wishing Unity all the best on its road to recovery, which could be either a long haul journey or a smart one. Hopefully it's the latter. On another note wonder which company Riccitiello planning to destruct next. Need Zero investment in anything he touches.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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