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Brelyon's Immersive Virtual Monitors Promise VR Without a Headset

The company has raised $15 million in Series A financing.

The MIT spin-off Brelyon has raised $15 million in Series A financing to develop new "ultra-immersive" virtual monitors.

The company aims to create a massive field of view with true optical depth layers, generating an immersive panoramic virtual screen that engulfs the viewer without the need for a headset to enable access to the metaverse.

"People have been using screens for extended periods of time for 50 years. Our logic is pretty simple: If we can give you even half of the immersion of headsets with a device that doesn’t have to sit on your face and works with all existing content, then that would be a much more compelling progression of your computer experience and thus a better bridge to the emerging metaverse," said Barmak Heshmat, CEO at Brelyon. 

The company's technologies leverage computational optics to provide immersion. One of the first results of these technologies is realization of virtual displays that manipulate the light to allow the viewer a window-like experience with extended meters of depth.   

Brelyon's innovative idea seems to have interested several large companies: the financial round was led by Lockheed Martin Ventures and the MIT-affiliated E14 Fund with participation from Corning Incorporated, LG Technology Ventures, UDC Ventures (​​the corporate venture arm of Universal Display Corporation), and Franklin Templeton.

"I think in 10 years, we will look back at 2D displays and our computer experience today and have the same feeling we now have about CRT monitors and DOS operating systems,” Heshmat said. “These virtual or photonic displays are like super-highways to the metaverse; they would completely disrupt the way you go about doing pretty much anything with computers."

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