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Check Out an Artist Literally Cooking Food in Cinema 4D

Recipes? Breakdowns? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

Over the past couple of weeks, 3D Artist and Art Director known as The Black Lab Studio, has been wowing hundreds with their impressive 3D animations depicting the artist quite literally cooking digital food in Maxon's Cinema 4D.

While digital food itself is hardly impressive in 2024, The Black Lab Studio's works truly stand out by depicting the entire cooking process from start to finish, mimicking real-life interactions. Leveraging C4D's and INSYDIUM's tools for creating soft body simulations, liquids, and cloth, the creator shows the dough rising, tomato sauce pouring from a jar, mozzarella cheese melting in the oven, liquid chocolate coating a donut, and more.

The animations are also rich in subtle easy-to-miss touches, such as the artist moving the Y-axis to shake the peel and slide an unbaked pizza off it or adjusting the temperature of a 3D stove so as not to overheat the digital oil, which was animated with collisions and wiggle deformers.

At the moment, The Black Lab Studio's menu comprises just two items: a delicious Neapolitan pizza and a chocolate donut. However, it's highly likely that the creator will continue to expand the series in the future, cooking up even more incredible dishes. We highly encourage you to follow the author on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on their latest projects.

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