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Check Out Footage from Upcoming Mirror's Edge-Inspired 3D Parkour Game

The developer puts their focus on "flow and fluid movements."

A Twitter user named Niklas Bellok, a talented 2D/3D generalist, recently shared a sneak peek of their work-in-progress project, "Glass Horizon." Showcasing both indoor and outdoor scenes, the footage features the player character running on horizontal and vertical surfaces, jumping, and sliding down slopes. 

This project is a tribute to the fan-favorite first-person parkour game, Mirrors Edge. Much like Mirrors Edge, "Glass Horizon" emphasizes fluidity and flow in its movements, making for a visually stunning and dynamic viewing experience. While details about the project are still sparse, we'll be keeping a close eye on its development and keep you updated on any new information. 

In the meantime, we highly recommend you take a look at Bellok's impressive portfolio, which features a wide range of art including human body sketches, photo-realistic environment designs, props, concept art, and more. Feel free to browse Bellok's main site and ArtStation page to get a sense of their creative talent. 

Niklas Bellok

Niklas Bellok

Niklas Bellok

Niklas Bellok

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