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Check out New Scenes From an Upcoming Co-Op Space Game Hyperspace

Have a look at the impressive screenshots of Hyperspace, the upcoming co-op PvE game inspired by Sea of Thieves and Faster Than Light, which is developed in Unity.

Image credit: Keepsake Games, Hyperspace

Hyperspace is the upcoming co-op PvE game developed by Keepsake Games. In this game, you and your friends take on the roles of a spaceship crew. Together, you'll navigate the ship, engage in firefighting, manage energy flows, operate turrets, and venture into abandoned shipwrecks for exploration and more thrilling experiences. While the game is still in early development, the release date remains unknown. 

Recently, the development team behind the game shared some scenes and expressed their belief in creating "the best-looking Unity game ever". They also reached out to their followers on Reddit, seeking opinions and thoughts on the game scenes.

"We've been working on our space coop game, inspired by Sea of Thieves and FTL, for about 2,5 years now. I'm not sure I've seen anything like it being made in Unity before. Flame wars begin?" stated the creators.

Here are the pictures showcasing scenes from the upcoming game. Take a look:

Image credit: Keepsake Games, Hyperspace

Image credit: Keepsake Games, Hyperspace

Image credit: Keepsake Games, Hyperspace

Image credit: Keepsake Games, Hyperspace

While some people are saying that the scenes look very nice and that they are looking forward to Hyperspace, others prefer not to jump to conclusions before the game comes out.

Also, a few months ago, we conducted an interview with Filip Coulianos, the developer of Hyperspace, who shared the story behind creating the game, as well as talked about the world and gameplay of Hyperspace, mentioned the solar flare effect created for it, and disclosed Keepsake Games' plans for the future.

"Hyperspace has been a passion project for many years. It started when I watched a video of a game called Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. It's essentially a blend between roleplaying and a computer game where several players play different roles on the bridge of a Star Trek-style ship. Lots of the dynamics happen outside of the game between the players, and there are some amazing fan videos on YouTube that I found really interesting. When I looked at the game itself, however, I felt there was some room for improvement, and I thought I had enough knowledge to try it out and make something better—that's how it all started," shared Coulianos.

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