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Check Out This ASCII Art Shooter Where Everything Is Text

The coolest GameFAQs guide you've ever seen.

It might be just that ASCII art never gets old. After all, it's the most universal computer art form in the world and every system capable of displaying multi-line text can display ASCII art without needing to support a particular graphics file format. It's also easy to copy from one file to another and simply just fun.

Artist Maung Thuta has shared a clip of a 2D shooter he made in the style of ASCII art, pictures drawn with ASCII printable characters, widely popular on message boards such as classic GameFAQs guides. According to the artist, he only started writing FAQs for old games which led to picking up ASCII art just a couple of years ago, so it's never too late to start making your own. Take a look at this quick guide on ASCII art he made:

Image Credits: Maung Thuta

Check out other Maung Thuta's work, who specializes in mecha art and creates incredible 2D designs:

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