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Check Out This Casual Endless Action Game With Zen Landscapes

This indie game immerses you into a journey of leaping and descending, gracefully ascending into the sky like a brushstroke on paper.

Image credit: Project Pegasus, TENSEI

Neuron Age's indie game development team, known as Project Pegasus, recently introduced the Steam demo version of their new game called TENSEI.

TENSEI is a game that stands out with its visually captivating ink painting-style graphics, offering players an engaging casual jump action experience. The gameplay revolves around executing triple jumps and descents, as players leap from platform to platform with the ultimate goal of reaching higher altitudes.

Image credit: Project Pegasus, TENSEI

Image credit: Project Pegasus, TENSEI

The recently launched trial version allows players to indulge in the exhilaration of climbing to a specific height. Also, players can enrich their experience by collecting orbs scattered throughout the game's field, triggering a transformation into mighty dragons that can dynamically soar through space.

The game trailer shows interesting moments where playable characters transform into creatures like frogs, rabbits, and butterflies, reminiscent of the iconic Chojugiga. Although TENSEI may appear to be a simple game focused on ascending to greater heights, it incorporates a multitude of exciting features and mechanics to keep players engaged.

Image credit: Project Pegasus, TENSEI

Image credit: Project Pegasus, TENSEI

Image credit: Project Pegasus, TENSEI

Speaking of games, make sure to check out another indie game that offers a unique blend of village life, housing, and store management, catering to bar masters and gamers alike. Cuisineer, a cute roguelike-flavored dungeon crawler, combines the joys of slow life in games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley with the elements of restaurant management and action RPG.

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