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Check Out This Free App To 3D Sketch On The Go

Feather is a free and "light as a feather" 3D drawing software available for iPadOS and Web.

3D drawing is a fairly popular technique among product designers, architects, graphic designers, and others, who have to deal with 3D visualization in their work. Instead of drawing on a single plane, 3D drawing exists on multiple planes at the same time, saving a lot of time for artists looking for the most efficient routes in their projects, reducing the overall cost of a product, and much more.

A while ago we spoke to the developers of the Feather 3D Sketchbook app, who kindly shared an overview of its main features and talked about the vision behind the software. If you want to learn more about Feather and its tools, we highly recommend checking out this interview.

The Feather team is aiming to fill the gap between 2D drawing and 3D modeling, as a lot of people show significant interest in 3D sketching, and with this product, the developers hope to help designers and artists get 3D data prepared for communication from the early stages of the sketch.

All in all, Feather is a 3D sketching app, that allows artists to draw in 3D with a pen input. For the best experience, you have to use a device with both inputs, like an iPad, since you need to use the pen for drawing and touch to look around. Feather is also available as a web app, making it possible to use on Windows and Android devices.

Feather's interface was specifically designed to be as simple and natural as real pen and paper. The "joystick" interface is an original feature, allowing users to move, rotate, and rescale drawings in two and three dimensions. It was inspired by game interfaces and traditional 2D graphic editing tools since Feather is designed for compact and handy devices.

As for the export function, Feather projects can be shared in various formats, from 3D model formats like OBJ to image and video ones. The developers are constantly looking for ways to connect Feather and other software with add-ons for seamless and efficient workflow.

The Feather team highlights that the app can be used in different styles by artists of various fields of work and new feedback and ideas are extremely welcomed, as the potential of the app is in the user's hands.

Watch the quick tutorial below to get a better understanding of Feather's capabilities:

Since the developers believe in the power of the community and find it inspiring and surprising when the users show how they are using the app in their own ways, they also encourage people to showcase their projects on Sketchfab and use the tag "feather3d" or "3dsketchbook" if they want to be featured.

Here are some examples of artworks made with Feather:

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