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Check Out This Indie Survival Adventure Game Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

In To the Star, you can use weird dishes as a weapon to fight your enemies.

Image credit: Covenant.dev, To the Star

Covenant.dev, an indie studio created by The Witcher 3 Producer Stan Just, has announced its next game, called To the Star, a whimsical survival adventure.

In To the Star, players journey through a surreal fantasy realm inspired by "Alice in Wonderland," crafting peculiar objects in their Briefbase dimension and battling weird creatures to uncover the mystery of the fallen star.

"It's a kind of game where you smack a cotton candy rabbit, collect its ingredients, and make a shrinking cupcake to fling into the 'face' of a cosmic slug," reads the game announcement.

Image credit: Covenant.dev, To the Star

Image credit: Covenant.dev, To the Star

Here are some features that the game offers:

  • The unconventional setting inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" will stand out from other realism-focused adventures;
  • The unique cooking system will allow you to create lots of bizarre dishes;
  • Here you can use food as a weapon to fight your enemies;
  • The inclusion of an advanced crafting system for recipes, weapons, and gear;
  • The robust base-building element using the hero's briefcase as a mobile portal

"We're keen on integrating player feedback and ideas into the project from the get-go. The earlier we start, the more we will be able to modify," says Game Director Stan Just. "We want to invite survival adventure players to co-create this game with us by engaging in feature discussions, regular surveys, AMAs, and more."

Image credit: Covenant.dev, To the Star

Players can enjoy To the Star in single-player or four-player co-op mode, delving into its unique challenges and gameplay mechanics. 

As for now, the release date hasn't been disclosed yet. For more information, you can check the Covenant.dev official website.

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