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Check Out This Prehistoric Crafting Survival Game with Gorgeous Colors

Make your tribe thrive.

Indie developer polyperfect, known as darkfejzr on Reddit, has offered a glimpse into the unique world of his indie game, Polylithic. This game attracted our attention with its vibrant color palette and unique low-poly art style.

Described by the creator as a "stressful prehistoric farming game," Polylithic is actually a captivating 3rd person survival game with farming elements set in the prehistoric era. 

As the new leader of your tribe, you'll start by gathering resources, crafting items, unlocking technology, and exploring the world. Eventually, you'll build bases, expand your tribe, and command a thriving settlement.



In Polylithic, players must gather primary resources to survive, hunt wildlife ranging from rabbits to mammoths, or be chased by bison, and navigate the tech tree to advance. As your tribe grows, you'll need to manage your people's needs and happiness. Assign them tasks, and watch them grow into tribe elders. As you uncover secrets and piece together stories, you'll learn more about the origins of your tribe and the disease afflicting your people.

Launched in early access in November last year, Polylithic has received mostly positive reviews. If you're intrigued by its art style, as well as the blend of survival, crafting, and prehistoric settings, be sure to check it out on Steam.


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