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Check Out This Real-Time Motion Paths Add-on For Blender Animators

Blender Creator Hamdi Amer has released a new tool to update Motion Paths in real-time, streamlining the process of polishing the animation.

If you're looking for a way to make your Blender animation workflow faster and easier, check out Real-Time Paths add-on by Hamdi Amer. Extremely simple to use, controlled with a couple of mouse clicks, it allows you to update Motion Paths in real-time and efficiently fine-tune your animation. 

This add-on comes in two versions, for weaker and more powerful devices, and includes a short video demo.

Real-Time Paths is a part of another, bigger Hamdi Amer's add-on called Clean Graph, featuring many small handy tools for making animation workflows easier. This artist has also made another curious add-on Fake Liquid, which creates an illusion of drinking liquids with no simulation or complex Geometry Nodes, also suitable for weaker devices.

Real-Time Paths add-on is available on Blender Market at $5.

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