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Cosmopolitan Used DALL-E 2 AI to Generate a Magazine Cover

This project marks the first time the DALL-E 2 neural network was used for that purpose.

DALL-E 2, Open AI's recently-released text-to-image AI, has generated its first-ever image used as a magazine cover by Cosmopolitan, an American fashion and entertainment magazine for women. The project was made collaboratively by Cosmopolitan editors, OpenAI's workers, and a Digital Artist Karen X. Cheng.

Prior to generating the cover itself, the team tested out the AI by generating several other images using various prompts. Here is Cosmopolitan's "1960s fashionable woman close up, encyclopedia-style illustration" generated by DALL-E 2:

Then, the team selected the theme of space and generated a series of images, similar to the final art. The prompt they used was "a strong female president astronaut warrior walking on the planet Mars, digital art synthwave." And here are the results:

And finally, the team used the "wide-angle shot from below of a female astronaut with an athletic feminine body walking with swagger toward camera on Mars in an infinite universe, synthwave digital art" prompt to generate the image that was used for the cover.

"I believe there will be women who see this and a door will open for them to consider going into the AI and machine learning fields – or even just to explore how AI tools can enhance their work and their lives," commented OpenAI's Communications Representative Natalie Summers. "Women will be better equipped to lead in this next chapter of what it means to coexist with, and determine the course of, increasingly powerful technology. That badass woman astronaut is how I feel right now: swaggering on into a future I am excited to be a part of."

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